The Jockey Club offers the ideal conditions for keeping your horse.As the largest boarding farm in Israel, the Jockey Club offers horse-riding services at a European standards. The farm facilities are for use to all  our customers: We have the largest jumping arena  in Israel, with a set of modern European obstacles, a Dressage arena  and four regular riding arenas including a new night light, Round Pen for lounging, 2 additional paddocks and a horse walker . The farm staff is at the disposal of the horse owners as required: from standard treatments, taking the horse to grazing or walking, riding and all that is required. Horse care is performed at the highest professional level and accompanied by a veterinarian and the farm management. The horses receive a warm and dedicated treatment while maintaining high safety and hygiene rules, cleaning the cells 2 times a day including Friday and Saturday.

  • Spacious stables of 3.5×4 m
  • A meticulous quality diet – supervision and a 24-hour care team that takes care of horse safety and well-being
  • Veterinary services and farrier..

Additional Terms:

  • Option for straw or sawdust
  • Possibility to release the horse in pasture
  • Walking machine training option
  • You can get daily horse grooming, before and after riding
  •  The horse can be trained daily by a team of professional trainers
  • Annual vaccinations of influenza, tetanus, herpes, rabies, and deworming.
  • Tight veterinary care
  • Farrier services
  • For the hikers  amongst us – five minutes from the ocean and plenty of fields.